Core Societal Values and Germany: How do CSV scores affect lifestyles?

CSV & Germany

In this blog post, I will be looking at Germany’s core societal values and the scores associated with each. These values, commonly referred to by marketers as CSV, “represent a commonly agreed upon consensus about the most preferable ways of living within a society” (Gray 2015). According to the Hofstede Centre, Germany’s core societal values include: Power Distance (35), Individualism (67), Masculinity (66), Uncertainty Avoidance (65), Long Term Orientation (83), and Indulgence (40). For more detailed descriptions of what each core societal value means and how each score is interpreted, please visit the Hofstede Centre here.

How might these scores affect my lifestyle if I were to move from the United States to Germany?

From looking at Germany’s CSV scores, I can see that Germany is similar to the United States in that it is a very individualistic society. Germans tend to have small families that focus on building self-actualization like many Americans, including myself and my family. In addition, Germany’s highest CSV score is in Long Term Orientation, which resonates especially well with me as I live my life following long term orientation. However, the United States as a whole has a super low long term orientation score of only 26! Masculinity is still large in both the United States and Germany, which simply means that both countries are driven by competition, achievement, and success; all of which align well with me. The biggest differences between the United States and Germany in CSV scores include indulgence and uncertainty avoidance. While the United States runs higher in indulgence and lower in uncertainty avoidance, Germany is opposite. I do not think this would make any future acculturation process difficult for me, as I tend to be more like the Germans in both of these areas.

Overall, I was surprised to learn that Germany’s core societal values align better with my personal values than the United States. Although I don’t plan on moving to a foreign country any time soon, I will keep Germany in the back of my mind as a potential option.

To learn more about core societal values, visit the Hofstede Centre here. To stay up-to-date on the latest trends in marketing, follow my blog and tune-in next week!

Image: Bert Kaufmann