What About Product Placement?

product placement in advertising

Product placement is a huge topic of debate in marketing and advertising. As many avid lovers of Sex and the City may remember, this hunk and his Absolut Vodka bottle took over an entire episode. In this week’s blog post, I will answer questions about product placement in digital advertising in reference to these articles: 1.) “How Much is This Shot Worth?” by Todd Wasserman and 2.) “Now in Blogs, Product Placement” by J. David Goodman. How do you feel about product placement? Check out the articles referenced above and read below to catch my take on product placement.

Has product placement influenced your purchase decision(s)? If so, do you remember the placement?

Product placement has influenced my purchase decisions and continues to do so. While many companies are bashed for using product placement, I find it an easy and for the most part likeable tool that marketers can use to display specific products or services to consumers. Once I started taking more advanced marketing and advertising classes, I began to notice product placement even more. Recently, I saw one of my favorite actresses wearing a beautiful pair of sunglasses that I wanted to buy. I searched for the sunglasses in the scene on Google and found cheap knock-offs similar to the product all over the Internet.

In what instances is product placement a service (a good)?

Product placement can include services such as Aflac insurance, as mentioned in the Wasserman article; however, it also includes physical products such as Absolut Vodka, as mentioned by Goodman in the New York Times article. It varies depending on the company and the media scene in which the product is placed.

Where does product placement not belong?

Personally, I can’t think of a reason not to include product placement in any type of venue or media as long as it is done so in such a way that pleases the consumer – i.e., not mentioning the direct brand but having it seen in the background, such as Reese’s Pieces in the film E.T. The biggest media area I see as a problem for product placement is blogging. As Goodman stated, all companies and bloggers are now required to state whether they promote “sponsored” or “unsponsored” posts. If the blogger is upfront about the sponsorship, I believe most people will accept it.

What is the future of product placement?

I see product placement becoming an ordinary part of a consumer’s life. Whether people like to admit it or not, they are inspired or motivated to buy certain things based off of who they have seen with the products or services or where they have seen the products and services displayed. While product placement may eventually become noise in the background that consumers will ignore, GM’s general director of marketing described it best: “One thing we do know for certain is that the right kind of integration does have a significant positive impact.” I believe consumers will agree as they will be more informed about the products and services they want to buy from product placement advertising.

Interested in learning more about marketing elements such as product placement? Follow my blog or add to the discussion in the comments below! *Note: Any images used in the blog were found publicly on Google and are not intended to infringe upon the rights of the brand(s) mentioned.


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